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    Beauty salon results from the comfort of your home


    Save the value of 3 restaurants every month


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MyCocoSkin's Wax Kit

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If you’re reading this, then the answer is probably yes.  Well, you are not alone but instead of suffering in silence, with MyCocoSkin you’ll get the hair removal you want, fast, pain-free and effective.

Stay silky-smooth for longer and enjoy all the benefits of hair-free limbs for weeks.  The benefits are enormous, and the system is easy to use, of salon-grade and affordable too. Don’t miss out, shop MyCocoSkin and ring the hair-free changes.



    Just Imagine!

    • Fast, effective, and painless waxing – in just 20 minutes flat
    • Get to grips with waxing in seconds, even the clumsiest hands can use MyCocoSkin
    • Super-soft, hair-free, and smooth limbs for up to four weeks
    • Practically pain-free, tests show this reduces discomfort by up to 80% compared to traditional waxing products and electric epilators
    • No more wincing at that sore, just-waxed feeling when you put on your deodorant
    • And it’s affordable too  buying MyCocoSkin saves the equivalent of ten cocktails and a couple of movie tickets every month – that’s more going out time for you!
    • Don’t keep it to yourself, share the news with your girlfriends, this is the number one waxing at home solution

    Suitable for use on the most sensitive areas of the body such as underarms and bikini line




    Get to grips with the MyCocoSkin home waxing kit in a couple of uses, it’s easy to work with and suitable for beginners.  MyCocoSkin has tested this product extensively and is proud to offer the best home waxing kit (UK) We’re already making life easier for more than 10,000 now fluff-free women.  Using our brilliant waxing techniques, our users, Olivia, Amelia, and Grace have finally managed to banish their bikini lines (ouch – that Brazilian wax hurts!) on their own after years of struggling with shaving.

    When you buy your MyCocoSkin home hair removal kit, you’ll receive it in a few days and get:

    • 1 professional wax heater (UK plug in wax warmer)
    • 4 x 100g wax sachets
    • 1 month of hair-free beauty!
    • 10 recyclable wooden spatulas
    • 1 FREE eBook with priceless tips

    Wax at home


    As an exceptional bonus, we’re also adding our exclusive eBook full of waxing tips for FREE (usual RRP £13). Our tips include:

    • The ultimate way to prepare for your first waxing
    • The most important steps to take after waxing
    • 10 shocking beauty secrets for a perfect, pain-free waxing at home


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      We guarantee your complete satisfaction. Find our refund policy by clicking here.

      As well as our guarantee, think of the savings!  Laser hair removal for legs, bikini, and underarms costs more than purchasing a used car and an appointment at the beauty salon is also a huge outlay every few weeks.  You’ll save £££ with our professional waxing kit!

      Enjoy FREE delivery for all orders – and remember, this special hot wax is not available to purchase in stores.

        What are you waiting for?  Get hair-free at home for summer here!

        £39.00 £56.00
        You save £17.00 (30 %)




        MyCocoSkin’s hot wax is totally adapted to beginners who wish to wax at home.

        Our user guide will help you get started with confidence.

        And if you have any questions, you can contact
        the team at hello@mycocoskin.com

        Yes, you can use all of MyCocoSkin’s waxes on all parts of the body: face, bikini line, underarms, legs, arms, chest…

        For best results, we recommend your body hair be at least 3 to 5mm long for waxing.

        The MyCocoSkin hot wax kit removes body hair from the

        So, it usually takes between 4 to 6 weeks for hair to grow back fully

        Obviously, this depends on person to person and is an average.

        MyCocoSkin has designed its hot wax to be adapted to real sensitive people whose skin is more fragile than average.

        That's why our special sensitive wax is enriched with natural active agents like pine resin, beeswax, aloe vera and coconut oil.

        Its innovative flexible texture allows it to adhere to the hair without tearing the skin.

        These ingredients are not found in conventional supermarket waxes, and sensitives gals are almost always blown away when they first use it.

        Moreover, thanks to its unique
        composition, the special sensitive wax opens the pores of the skin when it is at optimal temperature (appearance of warm, malleable paste).

        The hair pulls out more easily which contributes to reduce the feeling of pain of 80%.

        No, It is a superior quality wax only available on MyCocoSkin website.

        This is why it is not available in traditional stores.


        Sunny days with confidence and 4 weeks of soft skin?

        Most girls struggle to get beautiful, smooth skin without having to suffer horrible pain.

        And it’s true, electric epilators are torture, poor quality supermarket waxes make you scream out loud and laser hair removal requires selling your car to afford it.

        Thank goodness that’s about to change with our new painless, super affordable wax made from premium ingredients.

        Our hot wax beads kit is a great solution for beginners who don’t want to spend the equivalent of 10 mojitos in a beauty salon and want a professional treatment from the comfort of their home.

        Just imagine4 weeks of silky smooth skin without having to suffer, without leaving your house (waxing at home) and without having to pay salon prices.

        It doesn’t get any better than that, does it?

        Enjoy our exclusive offer now by ordering your waxing kit here.