About MyCocoSkin

A comfortable product, kind, gentle and effective MyCocoSkin was developed especially for safe, comfortable hair removal.  This wax, unlike other waxes, does not stick to the skin, only the hair.  That means the results are smoother and longer-lasting – without any skin damage or irritation (there might be a little inflammation after the first couple of uses but this disappears in a few hours and is completely normal).  Additionally, MyCocoSkin removes the hair from the root, keeping you hair-free for longer.

MyCocoSkin wax is suitable for all skin types, as the wax is kind and gentle on the skin. Unlike shaving, you won’t experience ingrown hairs, shaving bumps or shaving rashes.  MyCocoSkin gives you hair free limbs for up to 4-6 weeks – unlike shaving, which gives you hair-free skin for around one to two days!

The more you wax, the less the hair will grow back and as it grows back, you’ll notice hair getting finer and finer.

MyCocoSkin’s wax is a relatively new phenomenon that has grown in popularity across the globe thanks to social media spreading our message.  It’s such a big hit with A-listers, celebrities, movie stars and influencers – now’s the chance for you to try it for yourself