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60% of women give up the idea of waxing at home by themselves

They’ve often had bad experiences with waxes heated in the microwave or are afraid of the pain.

However, hot waxing is ideal for avoiding redness, unsightly ingrown hairs and unpleasant irritations.

Fortunately, with MyCocoSkin you can finally enjoy a professional wax heater at home.

Our waxing device is ideal if you want soft and smooth skin on your legs, face and even sensitive areas such as the underarms and bikini area. 



MyCocoSkin’s professional wax heater is perfect if you are a beginner

Thanks to the thermostat, you can keep your wax at the right temperature to make wax strips of more than 20 centimeters.

The wax keeps a soft plastic look so you can make small, precise strips in the eyebrow for example.

You can use our professional wax heater with all brands of disposable waxes available on the market, although we obviously recommend using our special hot wax.

Our professional wax heater has a transparent cover to speed up the melting of the beads and to avoid external contamination and burns.

You must follow the classic rules: exfoliate the skin the day before waxing, start with hot wax (but not burning hot), be careful with the bikini area... and remove the wax strips in the opposite direction of hair growth. Learn more on how to use our product with our waxing guide.

Finish your session by applying a lotion or a fat-soluble substance such as Aloe Vera to remove the residue and help moisturise and soothe your skin.

You can forget your old methods: beauty salon beautician, cold wax strip, razor, trimmers, electric epilator, pulsed light epilator, laser, tweezers, depilatory cream...



  • Electrical outlet: UK tri-band plug (100W)
  • Capacity: up to 300g beads wax 
  • Volume: 500 mL


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