MyCocoSkin Hair Removal Kit

MyCocoSkin Hair Removal Kit

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MyCocoSkin’s Waxing Kit is Taking Social Media by Storm!

Razors are being tossed away into the dustbin!  Thousands of women have ditched their razors for good – as they’ve discovered an incredible long-term solution for hair removal in the comfort of their own home.  Not only is it long-lasting, but it’s also just the same as professional hair removal.  It’s MyCocoSkin!  This revolutionary hair removal product means no more:

  • Thick, coarse regrowth every two days thanks to scratchy razors
  • Toxic shaving cream that encourages ingrown hairs (and itchiness!)
  • Crazy expensive and painful hair removal at the salon’



With MyCocoSkin you get 4 weeks of soft, smooth, and silky skin – without any pain or spending an absolute fortune! This spectacular wax formula is comfortable to use, doesn’t cause itching and won’t lead to ingrown hairs. 

If you want professional hair removal in the comfort of your own home at a bargain price, you’re in the right place!

We’re already making life easier for more than 10,000 now hair-free women.  Using our brilliant waxing techniques, our users, Sophia, Emily, and Grace have finally managed to banish their bikini lines (ouch – that Brazilian wax hurts!) on their own after years of struggling with shaving.



Just imagine 

  • Fast, effective, and painless waxing – in just 30 minutes flat
  • Get to grips with waxing in seconds, even the clumsiest hands can use MyCocoSkin
  • Super-soft, hair-free, and smooth limbs for up to four weeks
  • Practically pain-free, tests show this reduces discomfort by up to 80% compared to traditional waxing products and electric epilators
  • No more wincing at that sore, just-waxed feeling when you put on your deodorant
  • And it’s affordable too – buying MyCocoSkin can save you up to £1000 a year if you are used to going to the salon to get waxed. Yes – that’s roughly the cost of a brand-new iPhone.


Beginner-friendly hot waxing kit

Get to grips with the MyCocoSkin home waxing kit in a just couple of uses. It’s easy to work with and suitable for beginners.  Our waxing kit has been tested extensively and MyCocoSkin is proud to offer the best home waxing kit (UK).



Unique Waxing Kit with Free eBook

As an exceptional bonus, we’re also adding our exclusive eBook full of waxing tips for FREE (usual RRP £13). Our tips include:

  • The ultimate way to prepare for your first waxing
  • The most important steps to take after waxing
  • 10 shocking beauty secrets for a perfect, pain-free waxing at home



No Risk Involved

We guarantee your complete satisfaction. Find our refund policy by clicking here.

As well as our guarantee, think of the savings!  Laser hair removal for legs, bikini, and underarms costs more than purchasing a used car and an appointment at the beauty salon is also a huge expense every few weeks.  You’ll save £££ with our professional waxing kit!

Enjoy FREE delivery for all orders – and remember, this special waxing kit is not available to purchase in stores.

What are you waiting for?  Get hair-free at home now!


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